Increasing the speed of my Samsung N150 netbook

Love my little netbook, but it is very slow responding...Will a SSD speed it up much?
I mainly use to for searching the internet.
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  1. not really, ssd mainly speed up disk access. slow internet is usually either slow connection or slow cpu.
  2. bootup will be a lot faster, loading of applications and the likes. but as for processing then you're out of luck. not much you can do with portables, just add ram and change hard drive.

    thats why i like desktop :)
  3. Sorry, not much you can really do. The only real way of increasing performance is to change the CPU, but it is soldered into the motherboard so it cannot be done.

    The best thing to do is to reinstall Windows (after you backup important data). Over time Windows Registry can become bloated with entries that are not necessary which can slow down the netbook by a little bit.
  4. Was afraid of that !....But I thought if anyone would know how to speed it up, it would be you guys.
    Thanks for your help.
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