USB001 Port missing???

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this problem but I didn't know where else to post.

I have 3 Windows 7 installations. One is a laptop and the other 2 are desktops. THe 3 of them are part of my Home Network that also includes 1 Vista Business install and 1 XP laptop.
I have 2 printers connected to the one Windows 7 desktop
and they are are shared on my home network. Just recently, I lost the ability to print
from the 2 printersthru the network, on the Windows 7 laptop. All other PC's in the network can access the printers fine.
In trying to troubleshoot the laptop problem, I noticed that there is no USB001 port listed as available ports on the WIndows 7 laptop and that is the port that the other pc's are using. Could this be my problem and if so, how do I get the USB001 port back?? Is there any other solution that anyone is aware of? THe laptop sees the printers on the network but I get a 0x00000002 error.


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  1. Uninstall the printers from the Windows 7 Laptop. Then power-on the printers (one at a time), and re-install the printers and the drivers to the laptop - that should allow the laptop to find the printers and select the correct port.
  2. Does it make any difference that I am accessing these printers thru my network? I have already tried to remove the printers as devices on the laptop and reinstall and this did not work?
  3. Your print server (computer with the printers) should be set up to accept connections from the windows 7 computer.
  4. It already is. I can access the printers from 5 other pc's. Also, the three Windows 7 pc's are all part of the same Homegroup.
  5. Are you running 32bit and 64bit versions of windows or are they all 32bit?
  6. The laptop that I am having trouble with is 64 bit. The Desktop serving as the printer server is 32 bit. The third Windows 7 desktop is 64 bit.
  7. make sure that you have the correct drivers for the machines, 32bit print drivers wont always work on a 64bit os.. Check the website of your printers manufacturer and look for drivers, let me know if you need help installing drivers manually.
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