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I purchased an M14x R2 about 4 months ago. It came with a slightly misaligned chassis. The side panel of the laptop where the dvd drive is located, is causing the panel that runs over the keyboard to bulge up slightly. It is also slightly loose.

Its not a major problem but I was expecting to receive my laptop in mint condition. Could I ask them to fix it up for my even after not saying anything for 4 months? I don't really understand how warranty works... It's nothing more than a cosmetic problem but after recently having problems with my battery aswell (its doesn't charge sometimes) I wanted to know my options. Cheers.
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  1. Return it to Dell. They will usually make things right. Don't wait until your warranty is about to expire.

    Just request an RMA via Dell support.

    Start here: http://support.dell.com/
  2. How do I go about doing that?
  3. nevermind
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