Macbook pro 15.4 vs Asus G75VW-T1414H Ultimate gaming Notebook

id like to know:

1) whats the difference
2) which has higher quality
3)why is the Apple MACbook pro so expensive while it has such weak components
4)how come a mac is so good for video editing when it has a very weak GPU

thanks in advance
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    1) Designs are different, better gaming components in the Asus
    2) I'd say they're the same, both companies make great products
    3) Apple prices things high because they have a powerful customer base willing to pay for their products
    4) Because iMovie is optimized for apple products, plus, they have pretty strong processors, enough RAM and it has a 650m, with plenty of GPU processing power
  2. well which has a stronger and faster Processor the Mac or the ASUS And does the Asus Have good Video editing components? is it good at all for video editing ?
    Overall what should i get for best Gaming and video editing performance?
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  4. Id get the Asus, all day long
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