Best anti spyware software?
What's the best software to prevent spyware infections? The best to eradicate them? The best to detect infections?
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  1. on which operating system u are working??

    Well I work on many OS Vista ,2000 , XP and have installed many antispywares and in all OS i felt that Advanced System Protector is best as it gives routine updates of the latest definitions and is very easy to use..
    The On Execution Scanner & Alert Shields make it more efficient in the case of internet access.

    For me the Advanced System Protector is the Best Antispyware...U can also give a try...
    free version of asp is also available at cnet

  2. http://www.malwarebytes.org/

    the best and free!

    if this helps please vote best answer!


    2nd best and free!

    And by the way welcome to toms hardware!
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