Sony Vaio BIOS wont open to enable Virtualisation


I came here after literally searching everywhere on the internet. Even read the user's manual form laptop but I had no luck. So this here is my last resort. Here's my problem:

I have a one year old Sony Vaio VPCSB26FA Intel Core i5 laptop with windows 8 x64 and BIOS INSYDE R1031H4 and SMBIOS verison 2.6. It came originally with windows 7. However I upgraded to windows 8 recently in the pursuit of using HV for app development. After the update I checked my system settings and found that all Hype-V options were "Yes" except for "Hyper-V - Virtualisation Enabled in Frimware" was "No".

After a little bit of research it was fairly simple to enable it. Just open your BIOS menu and enable it from there. So I restarted my computer to enter the BIOS but I had no luck. I literally tried all the buttons F1/F2/F3/F11, pressed them repeatedly, pressed them in combination with Fn during different restarts but still nothing. The thing that I noticed is that my motherboard's manufactures logo Insyde H2O stopped splashing on start up, and even Sony Emergency Recovery (F10) stopped responding. I power up my laptop then a couple of seconds later windows 8 splash screen appears.

I'm utterly frustrated as to why I can't enter my BIOS.

I'm open to try any suggestions and I deeply appreciate any help I get.

Best regards,
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  1. Turn laptop off. Then use the assist button. Hold it down until laptop boots and it will offer you options.


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