How to plug in laptop / notebook

How should I plug in and unplug my laptop / notebook computer while the power is on?

Is it ok to first plug in to the wall socket, and then to the computer?

Or the other way...plug into computer, then plug into the wall socket?
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  1. it doesnt matter.
  2. just pull the plug from the computer...?
  3. ...I got a spark recently while plugging in at the computer (was already plugged into wall socket), which makes me nervous. not a problem?
  4. The best way is to plug the PSU to the computer first and in the wall after, you will not damage the connector inside the computer, you already saw what append the other way around, a spark.

    edit: to unplug the wall outlet first and the computer after.
  5. well i see a spark everytime when i plug VGA cable to my computer screen, 5 year old and still runs like a charm
  6. Yes I would unplug or plug in the laptop first and then the wall after. If there is a spark, you want it to be to the wall and not to your laptop.
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