GeForce 2 getting hot when monitor off

I've noticed that when the monitor shuts off after the computer's been idle, the GeForce 2 chip starts getting really hot...i mean touch the heatsink and pull back a burn!

Normally its just between warm and hot.

Why does it do that?

Its a Creative GeForce 2 GTS 65 MB.
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  1. I don't know why, but if you get into the habit of turning off the system when you'll be away a while the problem is solved. Clears out the memory too!

    Heatsinks, fans & whisky...Everythings Cool! :wink:
  2. That is very strange. I work from home and office. I have my system turned on all the time at home, ofcourse the monitor goes into standby mode after 10 minutes, but I have never noticed that my Annihilator 2 Ultra gets hot.

    Then it also depends how well is your cooling and air circulation inside your system.

    Also, I would check on the I/O Voltage. That can be a killer to your card and any other device in your system.
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