I can't reinstall windows 7 on my HP notebook Help!

Ok so about a month ago this one game i play called league of legends started to randomly freeze then unfreeze and would repeat the sound effects, i thought it was just cpu based so i tried just having less background programs on how ever the problem did not go away so i tried uninstalling/reinstalling but the problem did not stop so i just stopped playing. a few days later every program on my computer started to randomly then unfreeze i don't know why but i still thought it might be cpu so i tried the same things i did with league of legends with most of the programs. Then the next day my my finder crashed and i had to force shutdown my computer.

after i did that it took about an hour to get to the log in screen and would have massive typing lag when i tried to put in my password. After i put in my password and clicked sign in it would take about an hour and 50% of the time it would crash before getting to the desktop the other 50% of the time it would get to the desk top and look fine but when i tried to open things they just did not open and if i tried to do anything on the desktop the finder would crash. after about 25 minutes it would blue screen even if i did not crash the finder.

so after talking to a friend of mine over the phone who works as a tec he sad that if it let me log in then it was probable software not hardware and that i should do a clean install of Windows so being me and not having a Windows 7 disk i just tried using the recovery partition to back up my stuff which did not work it got stuck at 3% every time then i tried using restore points which failed with all 3 points i tried so after all i tried using the factory disk image restore and it would get stuck in 23 hour long loops i tried about 5 times then gave up.

A day after giving up i decided I'll try one more time before i go get a new comp And it worked my computer was running as fast as it did when i first got it not lag no programs freezing up and i had to restart it for an update so i did it restarted normality but after 25 minuets or so all the programs and the finder froze up so i tried to force restart but it did the same thing it did before i had reformatted it.

at this point i had hope it had worked ones so i thought hay it might so i tried to factory disk image restore it got stuck in a 23 hour loop i did this 3 more times then decided i should give it a rest till tomorrow

the next day when i tried it worked just like last time i was so happy so i started reinstalling every thing and had to restart for the update ones more but after 25 minuets the same thing happened and when i tried to restart it the same thing happened i thought I'll try to restore a bit more so i did same failure as yesterday after it had crashed so i waited until the next day.

The restore worked ones more same thing happened so i gave up

after talking to my friend he said get a windows boot DISK and do a clean install of windows so after asking around with my friends some one finally had one so i started it up and wiped every partition but the recovery one then started installing and got to this http://0.tqn.com/d/pcsupport/1/0/e/5/-/-/windows-7-install-11.jpg screen (Thats not a screen cap just a pic of what screen i was at) it took 8 hours to finish the expanding windows files step i went to bed after that and when i woke up in 8 about 7 hours it was still on the last step so i gave it 2 hours it still had not moved and the disk drive had not made a sound so i stopped it and took out the disk.

then i got on this web site

My computer is a "HP G62x-400 CTO Notebook PC"

p.s I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place for this post but it seemed like the best bored for it
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  1. Is your HP under warranty? If so, I suggest RMAing for repair. Your system appears to be defective. Could be any number of issues, heat or power related, defective motherboard, defective harddrive etc.

    If not under warranty, let us know and we can try to isolate the problem.
  2. No sadly my warranty has been gone for a year now.

    Also i forgot to say this in my first post but my computer has told me that the battery is fried and it no longer has a battery life out side of 15 minutes, I only use it as a desk top so i never got a new one could that be the problem?
  3. Sounds like it might be overheating. First blow out all the dust with canned compressed air. If this doesn't fix it you may need to take the heatsink off the cpu and re-install it with new thermal paste. Ask your friend to help, if he's a tech he might know how. Otherwise we can help.

    Also, if you get it working fairly good, update your anti-virus and run a full scan. Also download malwarebytes and run a full scan.
  4. Only if it is getting so hot as to affect the rest of the system. Pull the battery and only run with the power supply attached to see if it makes a difference.
  5. At this point in time the recovery partition is going to do you no good especially because your computer is out of warranty.

    My advice would be to completely wipe your HDD with something like Killdisc (recovery partition and all). Then do a clean install of windows. Make sure that ahead of time you have gone online on a different computer and downloaded at least the bare minimum drivers for your laptop from HPs website (you will probably need a sn or model number to find the right ones). After that you can install an antivirus program and then do windows updates. If you ever make it to a desktop after your computer crashes the log files should be the first place you go to see if you can find out what went wrong. The log files can be cryptic at times but we are here to help with that.

    btw, you should definitely be following zbdc13's and COLGeek's advice about the hardware before you turn your computer on again.
  6. Thank you all so much for your help I just got some caned air and a kill disk boot CD

    Just one thing do I have to take of the laptop case off to clean the heat stack?
  7. Yes you will, and its not easy BTW, just be careful.
  8. You can blow it out with canned air without removing anything. Do that first and see if it helps. If you still have the problem but it seems a little better, then open the case and do the thermal paste renewal. Good luck.
  9. Killdisk ran verey well I am going to try installing windows ones more
  10. I used the caned air then ran killdisk after that I had to go do some stuff so I turned off my comp and went out after 2 or 3 hours I booted Windows's installer and it ran great perfectly fine after 45 mins or so the installaton was done and it told me to put in my windows key turns out ether my key was wrong or I used the wrong type of windows I used windows professional but my key is for windows home premium

    Any way I think I ended up using the free 30 day trial or some thing I am not that sure because my comp started glitching out and freezing here I got it to the screen where it says finalizing settings but it stayed there for 3 hours so I fours restarted and just tried to start it up normally but it got stuck at the 'setting up for first uses' screen for 1 hour so I just turned it off

    Dose this mean it is most likely the fan and if so are there any good online tutorials for doing this kind of thing?
  11. If I understand you right it did work better after blowing out the dust? If so you're on the right track.

    Here's a tutorial about cleaning out the dirt. Do this before you try to re-seat the cooler and test it out.


    Here's a short description about replacing the fan which includes re-applying thermal paste:


    I hope this helps.
  12. Thank you that does help I think It did make it better but my fan never gets loud and my computer never seems much hotter then room temp can it still be the fan?
  13. The temperature inside the computer where the processor is can be hot without it being hot on the outside. The heatsink/fan inside the computer is supposed to keep it cool but 2 things can cause it to be too hot: 1. Dust and 2. the thermal compound between the heatsink/fan and the cpu can dry out and become ineffective. You've got to fix both problems before it returns to full functionality.
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