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I have Athlon 1400Mhz + Quadro (modified from GF1) + 512MB

Under 3D Studio Max R2.5 what is the fastest performance settings?

A) software Z buffer
B) D3D
C) OpenGL

and please detail what sector will be fast based on what, I am quite confused now.

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  1. I think OpenGl will be the best setting, but it might be using the default software OpenGL ICD as included with windows. In this case, what you need to do is go <A HREF="http://www.glsetup.com/" target="_new">here</A> and download GLSetup. This will analyse your hardware and download the appropriate ICD for you.

    This should give you the best performance.

    Software is the one you would use if you had a crappy graphics card. Direct 3D is good but I think OpenGL is better for professional work. It has been used for some time and is the tried and tested method.

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  2. with your moded ge1 to quadro you should be able to use the special drivers. There is settings for 3dsmax that will run it at its best.
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