i was glad to hear that a new warcraft game will be released soon,
i am a really big fan of war3, oh man, i am [-peep-]*** addicted to that game,
but world of warcraft (as they are going to call it), will not be a real time strategy game, it's gonna be an online role playing game, and blizzard will charge a monthly fee in order to play it?
what the fu**????
you can check out it's trailers at the blizzard main site.
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  1. It won't be anything like WC3. WC3 is RTS while WoW is MMORPG. Don't worry they'll prolly release WC4 that's still RTS. I like MMORPG and WC so I'll definitely get WoW!
  2. Also the next WC RTS would prolly come out after WoW since it takes Blizz to make newer sequels for their games. Starcraft 2 might come out sooner too! WoW has been said to be released in 2004. Maybe in 2005 or 2006 SC2 will come out then WC4. It's always a long wait!
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