Refurblished Lenovo Y580 not performing as it should be

I had my refurbished Y580 shipped to me today and upon getting everything set up, I tried to run farcry 3 and I get about 15 fps on the optimal settings. I've completely updated windows and have the latest nvidia driver, which is 310.90. It's set up to run the Intel integrated graphics driver unless you run something demanding such as a game, then it should switch to the 660m. I run msi afterburner while i play and it says my 660m gpu is running at a constant 99% when I'm running far cry. Everything acts as though it's running right except my framerate which stays very low. i have to turn the graphic quality as low as it will go to get into the 50s I've watched videos and seen benchmarks of people playing on my exact same system and running smoothly on max settings. I read that the 660m is supposed to be comparable to the old nvidia 570, which is what i run in my desktop computer. My desktop runs far cry 3 on max better than this 660m does on lowest settings. I've tried clean installing my graphics driver but that didn't help. I'm all out of ideas here, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

System Info
Windows 7 home premium 64,
Intel I7-3630QM,
nvidia gtx 660m 2gb,
8gb ram 1600mhz,
1tb hdd+32gb SSD caching,
1080p monitor.
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    The 660m is about equal to the gts 450 or 550 ti. Make sure its on "lenovo dynamic graphics" power setting. 660m is about equal to the 570m (not desktop 570).

    The 660m is essentially a downclocked 650.,3379-4.html

    Gets about 39 fps at 1080p low.

    So what you have seems about right.
  2. I see. I thought it was equal to the desktop 570, I had much higher expectations. Gaming laptops are very expensive for the performance you get, at least I still have my desktop. It seems to really help my framerate if i lower the resolution a bit. Thanks for the reply
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