My laptop is slacking

Hey Tom's Hardware!

Recently i spend alot of money on my new gamer laptop (my parents are split so i can't transfer a stationary computer every week) i was expecting to be able to play my games on highest graphic with no fps laggs but nono

This is my PC parts:

Intel core i7 3610QM 3.3 GHZ
16GB DDR3 Memory
Nvidia Geforce GT 640M
16GB Ram

I am playing World of Warcraft mostly and when i play it on the highest graphics my FPS goes to around 30, one of my friends got a laptop aswell (pentium core and bad things like that) hes running WoW on highest graphics with 40-60 FPS stable...

When i look at my CPU usage its never passing 10% even if i play multiple games at once with chrome with like 7 fans open at a time. So i feel like my computer is too lazy to use it's full performance.

My biggest problem is that i am running a Youtube channel and ofc i want the best quality as possible so i'm recording with Fraps with the Realtime setting. This makes my games go to 5-10 FPS...

What can i do to make my computer perform as its supposed to?

I've tried this:

Change electricity settings to High Performance.
Changing my priority list so that my games are first priority (I set it back to normal after having no results at all to not cause more problems).
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  1. Update OS .Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues.
    Full Scan system with "SUPERANTISPYWARE" Freeware.
    Update bios and firmware.
  2. How do u update firmware etc on a laptop?

    Just go to device manager, right click the drivers, properties and update or what?
  3. While your CPU is pretty good the 640m is a relatively weak performer for that type of task so that actually sounds about right on the performance to me.

    For comparison to a desktop card it would still be well below an Nvidia GTS450 or a Radeon HD4850 both of which were only mid-range desktop cards ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO. Your friend may also be running at a substantially lower resolution and without as many mods etc. as well (or only telling you those frame rates when in isolated area's).

    You can review some benchmarks here and then take off about 10-15 frames per second when recording with fraps for what to expect with that card:
  4. Yes I wish people would post first then buy 2nd your video card is what going to hold you the most back on that laptop you also didn't post what resolution your running in. The thing is unless you can return that laptop assuming no malware you probably not going to get much better FPS. Though if you just fraping it and adding voice or music overlays later you may want to try to disable sound which could help with frame rate.
  5. That's not a very powerful "gaming" laptop. I hope you didn't spend more than $700 or so for it because that's all its worth.

    You bought low end hardware and expected too much for it.
  6. I know how to replace the video card, so do you guys have any suggestions which to buy? I'm willing to pay a fair amount for a good video card.
  7. You can't replace it. It's not MXM.
    For better comparison, you need to know the exact spec of your friend's laptop and at what res you and your friend play at.
    Not surpise to find you get 5-10fps with frap, but if your laptop has lower fps than your friend playing the same game on same setting on same res, then there is a problem.
  8. What model is the laptop? Most laptops have non upgradeable graphics and where it came with a lower end card my bet would be you're stuck with it.
  9. There are no MXM GT640m card on the market so we can safely say it is not possible to change the GPU. The current MXM card available are GTX660m, GTX670m, GTX670mx, GTX675m, GTX675mx, GTX 680m and 7970m.
  10. I mean its not that huge a problem to play on medium graphics while recording but i am abit dissapointed seeing that my graphics card is kinda bad =/
  11. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age... but please start another thread if you are still having problems , which I will answer promptly...

    All the best Brett :)
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