Keyboard and Touch-pad only working on Linux

My cousin ask me to reinstall Windows on its old laptop (Acer, core 2 duo, 1gb ddr2) because the touchpad and keyboard stopped responding. I tried, xp, vista and win 7 but after installation the keyboard and pad didn't work. I tried plugging a usb keyboard and a usb mouse and didn't work either. Then I decided to install Ubuntu and guess what, It works perfectly.
Can someone please explain what is happening here?
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  1. Ubuntu has better support for generic hardware. Windows requires the correct drivers. Make sure you download the drivers from Acer before you install windows and put them on a usb flash drive so you can load them right away. Try a ps/2 keyboard and/or mouse to load the drivers.
  2. That is pretty weird since the laptop shipped with windows and it is not the first time I reinstall windows on it. Sadly it doesnt have a ps/2 port. Thanks for the reply.
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