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Ok so my dog just tripped on the charger that was plugged into my Alienware laptop. Many of the panels, including the one covering the screen have come off become half detached. I'm not sure if I want to try and fix it myself... It's still in warranty, but can I get it repaired for free if it was accidental damage? If not how much will it cost, and how long will it take to send away and get replaced? Or will I just try and find a local laptop repair place?
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  1. Did you buy extra accidental damage insurance? If so, go through your insurance company and get it fixed, there may be a deductible you pay. Otherwise, contact Dell and see if they'll fix it under warranty (doubtful) or fix it for a price (I don't know how much they'll charge). After going those two routes and not getting it repaired, try your local laptop shop (once again they will have to give you the quote as I do not work for them). Good luck.

    Just thought of this: Check your home owners or renter's insurance. They may be able to help.
  2. Dell sells an upgraded support(warranty) package that includes accidental damage. If you didn't upgrade to this, you won't be covered by the warranty.
  3. Nope I didn't upgrade it, what am I looking at in terms of cost? The damage is basically just cracked plastic. But still enough to need Alienware themselves to fix it. Are we talking in the hundreds??
  4. Get a quote from Dell, we don't have any way to estimate.....
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