ahh, all these new video cards, which one to pick?

the geforce 2 mx, gts, mx 400, radeon ve, 32ddr, 64ddr, kyroII ahhh!!!! i have that integrated video card in the intel 815 chipset. i meant to upgrade but i spent all my money on the cpu and motherboard and thn i went to college so i still am almost broke. but i need a new video card, this one isn't cutting it. which card should i buy? should i spend around 100 or around 175? i'm not willing to go over 200. and in some benchmarks i saw the MX beat the GTS? was this a mistake? anyways, hope to get some advice.

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  1. a Geforce2MX 400 with DDR would be a good choice, you might prefer a Geforce256 instead if you want a better fill rate, but MX can push more triangles per second, the GF2 GTS might drop in price when Geforce 3 comes out, and those are definitely THE next big thing, though they're starting at over 400 each...
  2. Accually the GF3's are going to debut at only $350 in some areas. The GF2 Ultra's will drop to around $250-$300.
  3. the msi gf2 gts is around $135 on pricewatch. you can't go wrong with that
  4. I'd definitely go with a radeon LE. Performance for the dollar, they smear the competition. They'll toast an MX. And by the way, radeon VE's are junk and to be avoided. LE's are much better performers.
  5. the first thing that you will want to consider would be what kind of card can your motherboard accept? if it has an integrated video chip you probably only have pci slots open on it. that will narrow your choices unless you want to get another motherboard (which it doesn't sound like you do). then your best choice (if my assumptions are correct) would be a geforce2mx pci.

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  6. Come on everybody, you didn't ask reptilej how he uses his computer or what speed his computer is. What operating system. Maybe he doesn't play any games, does 2d programming on it all day, colledge work etc. Repitilej, what do you want out of a graphics card? Awesome game play at all cost? Awesome 2d? Extreme Video capability or something that does all of them very well? If you are looking at a purely gaming solution then go with a GTS 2 Pro/Ultra and if money is not tight then a GF3. Maximum 2d where you can sit all day looking at the screen and not have your eyes bleed, Matrox or Radeon. Video or DVDs that is sharper than those high price TV's at circuit city on your monitor - Radeon. Radeon does have good game play about the speed of a GF2 in 32bit color. What is your cpu speed? If sufficient a Kyro2 maybe outstanding as well. If you play games or simulators, which ones?
  7. i can adress noko and toonces in one reply here. i have the asus CUSL2 motherboard. while i am using the intergrated chip i do ahve an open 4x agp slot. i'm running a PIII 800 with 128mb ram all 133 fsb. i ahve an ibm 15gig 7200 ata/100. i use my computer for ms office applications a lot for college. everyother weekend i play counter strike for a a few hours. since the last udate to cs i have been getting crapy quality and fsp for cs. i want a card that will give me good quality and speed. and also i would like a card that would be able to run any other game that's out there is i decide that i want to play it, but i don't want to spend too much and games aren't that important, it would just be nice. i ehard the radeon doesn't work with the intel 815 chipset can anyone confirm? so what shopuld i get, i want the most bang for my buck and i'm not going to spend too much.

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  8. i know two good performing graphics cards that are also very affordable
    1. ATI rage pro with 4mb ram and
    2. diamond stealth 2000 with 2 mb of ram.

    both are wonderful performers with modern games *caugh caugh*
    going cheap!

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  9. My friend has a Radeon ddr 32 running on his Asus CUSL2 motherboard. Once you pop the card in the AGP slot, the i815 will automatically disable the onboard graphics for you. I'm sure that you can find a Radeon 32 DDR for under $100 US.

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  10. No problem with the Radeon and the 815e chipset. The Kyro2 has a problem with the 815 chipset as reported by AnAndTech. Sounds like a Radeon would suit you fine and run rather well.
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