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I own an Ipad3 . I have jailbroken it and 2 weeks ago I installed a couple of apps from a torrent site. Ever Since certain apps which I had downloaded and installed prior to this such as the Facebook app, the gmail app, ibook app, subwaysurf don't open. WHen i click on them the screen goes blank for a microsecond and its back to the same homescreen...

What do i do to fix it ?
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  1. The price you pay for breaking the rules of usage, I'm afraid. Apple runs a tight ship when it comes to their ecosystem, and stepping outside that boundary opens you up to all sorts of nasties. Installing apps from torrent sites = bad idea.
  2. Appreciate the reply...but i need assistance not dissidence
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    Is there any anti-virus/anti-malware software for your device? I'd try it out and see if you have caught anything first.
  4. hmmm ill do that right away..
  5. Well I couldnt find a free antivirus app..... So i deleted some apps which i had last installed and my Ipad is back working.. thanks for the help guys..
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