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I seem to have forgotten the password I set in my wi-fi network, how would I reset that in order to connect a new device. They want you to pay for them to do that at Netgear once your 90 warranty is expired.
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  1. If you have access to the router, which you should assuming it is yours, the box should have a small button on the back you can use a paper clip or pen to push and restore it to factory settings. Then you can look up your router default passwords and access the router menu.
  2. First, download the manual for the router. There is a system reset button on the bottom of the router. Push it. In the manual you will find out what the default password is. Now you will have access to reprogram the router. Once you are back in, put a new password on your router and re-enable WEP or the neighbors will be having a LAN party on your lawn.

    I hate simultaneous posts, don't you?
  3. :P If available try WPA-2 Personal, I think now even my work PC could hack WEP in a couple hours lol.
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