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Ok first off I already own a Alienware M17x R2 I've had it for I think maybe 3 - 4 years feels like forever with all the problems it brought with it. I'm pretty sure it was when Dell bought alienware is when I got my laptop.

I'm looking to replace it but with all the problems it brought me I'm scared to go Alienware again but sadly I really like the laptop even though it came with all of its headaches.

Laptop Specs
Dual ATI Radeon HD 5870 (realizing now the dual was pointless),
Intel i7 CPU x920 @2.0GHz,
6 gigs of ram and 250 gigs of HD

The problems I had were when you unplug the AC cord the laptop would freeze or if u plug it in the same thing so basically it wasn't a mobile laptop lol.. and when you would close the lid or put it to sleep it would freeze also. I had these problems basically right out of the box and it took me forever to fix it I basically just got it up and running for like a normal laptop about 14 months ago I had to Flash the bios and some other things.. good thing I'm a little computer savvy if I wasn't id prob be screwed. O ya also had random blue screens to here and there was just annoying..

For the most part with the research I did I think people said it was my graphics cards because the drivers from them where bad and it took ATI forever to come out with new drivers / bios updates.

With the new desktop I built I have a nivida 660 gtx ti and I love it to death 0 probs but I have a ATI cpu and 0 probs as well <3 that even more lol.

With the new laptop I've been looking at origin and asus.. mainly origin but when I look online for top rated laptops people all have the Alienware m17x still as #1.. I'm just really scared if I go alienware again I'm going to get all these problems again so I would just like peoples opinions on what laptop I should go with and or if u have an origin / alienware / asus laptop and how its working for u.

and w/e I get I'm looking to get SSD / i7 / nivida card / blue ray drive.

Thank you for reading and sry for the long rant and my grammar is horrid so sorry for that to lol more of a math person =p
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  1. As long as you know what you want - component wise (cpu/gpu/screen res/usb3/wifi/memory/etc) - then use this to scan the various etailers (scan, dabs, ebuyer, overclockers, etc) for laptops that fit your bill.

    Additionally, you could (for ideas only or possible purchase) head on over to a e.g. Go into the laptop section and try customising a build. At least you'll get an idea of what can be done.

    Of course, a significant part of any Alienware purchase is the brand name. However - and you need to have an idea of your desirable components - if you do the above you'll come up with good ideas for comparison.
  2. Thxs for your reply.. I'm really leaning towards the Alienware again but just scared I'm going to run into more dumb hardware problems like i did before. Pulling out ur Ac cored or plugging it in freezes your laptop like really lol maybe it was just that form of ATI card I had with its faulty bios / drivers that caused all these problems..

    hoping if i do go with alienware again Nivida gives me 0 probs like my desktop..

    right now im looking @
    Software & Services
    Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit
    3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM (6MB Cache, up to 3.4GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0)
    8GB (2 X 4GB) Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz
    256GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s
    2 GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M with Optimus™
    14.0" High Def+ (900p/1600x900) with WLED backlight
    Killer Wireless-N 1202 a/g/n 2x2 MIMO for Gaming & Video and Bluetooth 4.0
    Slot Load Dual Layer Blu-ray Reader (Reads BD and Writes to DVD/CD)
    My Software & Accessories
    Nebula Red with Soft Touch Finish
    My Accessories
    1 Year Essential Support
    1 Year Accidental Damage Service
    No Anti-Virus Software Selected
    Microsoft® Office trial
    Also Includes
    Alienware M14X R2
    English Keyboard
    Alienware Documentation
    Shipping Material
    Additional Software
    63WHr 8-Cell Primary Battery
    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3Di with THX TruStudio Pro Software
    Quasar Blue
    Alienware M14X 150W A/C Adapter
    Adobe Acrobat X Reader
    Standard Nameplate

    yes a 14 inch not like my old 17.. just because will be easier to lug around
  3. That's a nice build - nice cpu/memory/SSD). You'll certainly not have any freezing/etc issues with this (or any other new purchase)'ve just had a bit of bad luck with your old laptop; hopefully you had a reasonable length of use with it.

    The gpu (GT 650M) would be termed 'mid range' for performance. As long as you are not looking for ultra eye candy for gaming then you're good to go. If you would like to get an idea of how this gpu performs and compares (if you're a gamer) then goto
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