Trying to connect my wii to my laptop but dont know my computers pw

i have a wii and a laptop with an embedded internet card. the wii has located the laptop but i need to type in a password to connect it. i dont know the password because i dont type one in when i connect to the internet. when i connect i just hit the button where all the available connections are and i hit sprint. it then goes to the net on its own and i never have to type a pw...the one i use for my computer to go to my personal settings didnt work...where would i find the pw?
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  1. Just buy a cheap router and problem is solved. I have a nice cheap belkin behind my entertainment center for the ps3 wii and my desktop. It broadcasts wireless to my Frankenstein down in the basement. Easiest way to go chief.
  2. Also, you may need to set a password on your laptop, some times you can not access file shares without a password.

    If you are just trying to get out to the internet, then yes, you will need to buy a router so that the internet traffic coming from your modem can be "split" into different connections.

    A wireless router would work great, but be sure to secure the network, rename the ssid, and pick a wireless Chanel (1, 6, or 11) that has the least amount of interference from other wireless networks around.
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