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Is Windows 7 worth it? I currently have windows vista ultimate 64 bit, and have cleaned it up a lot, but it still runs relatively slow and buggy. Does buying the windows 7 64 bit update version mean you keep all your files? Also, what are some other good ways to cleanup vista? is there a list of non vital processes i can disable without hurting my system?
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  1. Windows 7 is worth it, IMO. I've had nothing but great times with it since the beta even. I believe you can do an upgrade install from Vista 64 (as long as SP1 is installed) to Win7 64. I think you will have to get win7 ultimate - the OS has to match (home -> home, ultimate -> ultimate).

    If you want to speed up Vista first before you try Win7, check out the Black Viper pages on tuning windows services.

    I would recommend doing this for anyone, windows of any flavor has too many services that are just not needed for most. Ultimate includes the most bloat for the average user.

    Now, if you get win7, even though you might be able to do an upgrade install, it would be much better for you to do a clean install. Yes, it can potentially work without a hitch, but it will probably cause problems in the future. Best thing to do is back up all the important stuff, and reformat the drive before installing. BTW, the upgrade version is meant to upgrade the existing windows - but that doesn't mean you have to install or have installed windows before. I think it asks for your existing key or something like that, but you don't need to have it installed.
  2. Hello Zeus24 - As long as you are going from a 64-bit version of Vista to a 64-bit version of Windows 7, you can do an in-place upgrade (meaning your files, programs, and settings will remain intact). If you decide that this the way you want to go, here is a guide to help you through the process -

    I also recommend running the Upgrade Advisor before moving from Vista to Windows 7. It will scan your system and let you know if your PC is ready to run Windows 7. If your computer is not ready, it will tell you what you need to do before upgrading -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. You mean to say you think Vista is better than 7?
  4. Quote:
    No it's not worth it. I've been running Vista Home Premium 64bit for 4 years now and I absolutely love it. It's the most stable OS I've ever used. I'm a gamer mostly and I've never had a single problem with any game, new or old.

    If it's running slow and buggy after a fresh install, then you have other issues, not the OS.

    To be honest, if you read the forum regularly like I do, you will see that the forum is full of people with Win7 issues. No way I would buy it.

    I would suggest some hardware testing.

    no offense, this might be true for you, but i hear A LOT more vista problems than 7 problems. i have A LOT more problems with vista than windows 7. windows vista eats way more of my ram, 8 gigs of it, than windows 7. and its not a fresh install, but if i did do a fresh install, it definitely wouldnt be vista. and my hardware is FINE, and i have cleaned up vista A LOT.
  5. Until I started using Windows 7 I also thought Vista was fine. But since I started using Windows 7 daily at work, I see and feel all the performance improvements, and the small features that make work a lot easier. So I say it is very much worth the upgrade.
  6. Definitely worth it, although I had XP not Vista so going from XP to Win7 is like going from a model T to a Ferrari. (Ok maybe a Chevy Impala to a Ferrari)
  7. Quote:
    Yeah XP is a virus magnet and likely you didn't even have 64bit XP so it's not relevant to this conversation.

    To Enderwiggin, I've installed and used Win7 on a dozen pc's. It's ok. But I wouldn't spend $100 for it when I already have a great OS.

    To Zeus, if Vista 64 is using 8gb's or your ram, that's your issue, not mine. It only uses 1.3gb of mine.

    Just because you don't know how to turn off services you don't need, does not make a bad OS.

    no need to get hostile, try reading first, i said i have 8 gigs, not that it uses it. it uses usually 10-30% of it. In windows 7, that number is lower, and everything feels snappier. and ive turned off just about every unecessary service, application, start up service, and process thats not needed to my knowledge, so lets back it down a bit.
  8. Quote:
    Nobody is getting hostile, maybe it's the way your reading it.

    My point is, paying $100 for a OS based on Vista when you already have Vista and it's doing what you need it to do does not make sense. imo

    Of course if you have $100+ just burning a hole in your pocket, go for it.

    id say "thats your issue" and "just because you dont know how to turn of services" could be taken as hostile. just saying. and well, i was just wondering, as i was thinking of getting an F3, putting everything on there, then upgrading to windows 7.
  9. Getting back to the topic, if you are experiencing serious problems with Vista, then I'd say go with Win 7, atleast Basic. You have to decide for yourself between experiencing Vista's problems or spending on Win 7. The trade-offs, pros & cons; you have to weigh them.

    i was thinking of getting an F3

    As a last shot, do a clean install of Vista on that, disable Aero & other graphic hogs, & see how it runs. You could even try this on your current HDD.
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