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HP mini 1000 not recognizing hard drive

January 10, 2013 4:52:15 AM

This is weird story. I have a Zune 30. It uses ZIF PATA drives, just like my HP mini 1000 does.

I wanted a new SSD drive for my Zune. The one I bought didn't work. I was curious if the one in my HP mini did. I took the drive out of the netbook and put it in the Zune, didn't work.

I put the netbook back together, and it won't admit that there is a hard drive connected to it. I have a ZIF -> USB adapter, and the drive (and all ZIF cables) work great.

Why won't my HP read the drive? I've tried re-flashing the BIOS with the latest, but that didn't work.

I figured I'd broke the laptop somehow, so I found a new motherboard for it on eBay. I switched the motherboards, and it still won't read the drive? WTF? Why won't it read a working drive using working ZIF cables?