What's better GeForce3 comes next from NVIDIA?

What Graphics card will NVIDIA make at the end of 2001. GeForce4? And will it make it?
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  1. mmmm im thinking if nvidia follow the usual strategy,
    there will be a geforce3 ultra soon enough, and the current speed of the DDR ram and mem its using sure supports this.
    they might make a cutdown version for mobiles eventually, or even a geforce2 MX replacement eventually.
    my money is on the geforce3 ultra mmmmmm
    once that is done they might haul out the geforce4
    but not as quickly as people would think as nvidia really has no competition anymore in the ultra high end.

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  2. Actually nVidia has dropped any plans to release the nv25 wich was supposed to be a nv20 (GeForce 3) with higher clockspeeds and perhaps some extra minor feature upgrades.

    They are now accelerating the development of the nv30. This is in response to ATI planning to release the Radeon 2 earlier than originally intended.

    Rumour has it that the nv30 is due out sometime late 2001 to early 2002.

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  3. ATi radeon 2 has nvidia on the run. ATi is the only big company to take nvidia one on one. PowerVR are good but there lack something being tough like nvidia. s3 is powered by via know but i think via is going to screw up and make future s3 cards value cards for OEM's. ATi is tough enough and big enough to rid the world of the sell out's known as nvidia.

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  4. You really think nVidia cares about pure speculation/rumors, don't you?..........

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  5. you can call it what ever u want but when ati releses there cards nothing beats them untill someone catches up. ati is strong compatition to nvidia. the original radeon256 was ment to comiet with the geforce 256 not the geforce2 and it beat up all the gf2 cards up to the pro cards and ultra. the radeon 2 will not only be faster but it will ahve way more tech to it and is realy ment as a awnser to gf2 but will spank gf3. dont underestimate ati they own 25% of the over all market and have the recources to keep coming back thats 10% more then nvidia owns. wait for radeon 2. no dout.

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  6. You don't seem to realise that until recently nVidia was a much smaller company than ATI. I think they've been around for about 7/8 years, where as ATI are ancient. However, nVidia already outsell ATI in the Desktop and Workstation Graphics area. The only place ATI still has the lead is in the mobile graphics market. But, nVidia is slowly creeping up on ATI in that market and is likely to start outselling them quite soon.

    If you look at the performance benchmarks and the prices, you'll see the ATI Radeon cards mainly compete with the GeForce 2 Range. And also, they have trouble beating the GTS in most games. They hardly ever come up against the Pro or the Ultra. They are really good on image quality though. The one area in which the GeForce 1+2 cards are lacking.

    Oh yeah, I seriously hope nVidia doesn't name the nv30, GeForce 4 or 5. It needs a new name. GeForce just sounds crap.

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