JPEG turn into "Files" ?

Running XP Pro. This problem started recently. When I save a picture from a web page. If I change the file name and then save it, it saves as a "file" type file and I can't open it. But if I save the same picture without changing the name, it is saved in the jpeg format. And I can change the name later without any problems. A security setting ?
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  1. When you change the file name before saving, are you unintentionally deleting the file extension?
  2. That's my guess.

    Instead of saving it as "picture" make sure you type in "picture.jpg" and it'll work.

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  3. Go to Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View

    In here is the option "Hide file extensions for known file types". If you turn this off, things will go back to how they were before.

    Most people like to leave it on, though, since it makes it easier to distinguish between (say) .wma and .mp3, .jpg and .gif, .mov and some virus...
  4. Thanks GoBlinking, I think I had changed that some time ago. We'll see if that does the trick. Thanks again all.
  5. Hehe, no problem. It's supposed to be GoblinKing, but whatever floats your boat :)
  6. GoBlinking. LOL. I would never have read it that way if he didn't say something.

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