Troubleshooting advice?

I have a Clevo P15xhm1 gaming laptop that is causing me to wonder what in the heck is going on and how to resolve the issue. It is out of warranty. :(

When gaming, I have no issues. The system runs great. The only problem I have is when the system is idling. It will shut down on its own. I read a bit and put Everest on my system to log system temps. The issue is the GPU. At idle, the GPU temp will shoot through the roof and then the system shuts down. (from 40 then jumps to 100, triggering the shutdown.

I have forced the fans to always run full speed (fn-1). No fix
Cleaned the fan vents, fan and heatsink - no fix.
Cleaned up and replaced the thermal compound with IC Diamond 7. - didn't fix
Uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers. - didn't fix.

Prior to my troubleshooting this issue down to the video card, I thought it was the hard drive. I replaced the hard drive, the memory on the system, reinstalled Windows, etc.

Can anyone think of a reason for the GPU to spike prior to going into power save?
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  1. Have you had a look at the Power Options in Control Panel? There is an option there to tell the Laptop when it should shut down.
  2. maybe have the video display turn off in the power settings to see if that does anything
  3. So let me make sure I have this straight.........

    When you are gaming and the GPU is under full load it works perfectly fine, but if you let it idle the GPU over heats even though you have it's fans set to run full speed all the time?

    If your answer to me is yes it makes absolutely no sense at all and there has to be more to this equation you are not sharing.

    One thing that comes to mind is... when you are gaming are you at the system and it is "open" but when you are done you close the desk or do something else that puts the system in a small contained area that will get very hot.

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstall any power management software you have on the machine?
    Is the machine sitting on cloth or anything else when you are done with it?
  4. It makes no sense to me either. Let me see if I can attach a copy of the Everest scan that shows what in the hell happens.
  5. check it at is the site I posted the Everest log at.
  6. I uninstalled flash player to see if that helps. As you can see at the above, there is something not kosher in Denmark...
  7. Nope, it didn't. Shutdown again. Starting up Everest again, running games and then setting it down to see if it does it yet again.
  8. Have you noticed anything about the fans? Have you tried Speedfan to see if it is a fan issue?
  9. Yes, no fan issues. I just played NFS for 40 minutes and the hottest the GPU got was 58. I am now going to set the system down and let it power itself off after awhile. I should check Everest to see if it can follow the RPMs of the fans....
  10. Speedfan does not detect the rpms of the fans. Everest does not have a method to see them either. Going to check around Clevo websites to see if there is a way get that info...
  11. I am a little stumped on this one. I dont know that program so I dont really know what all the log is telling me but I do see that your GPU temp starts to go up and breaks 100c.

    Are you running any kind of app that utilizes the GPU for processing that is set to run when the machine is idle?

    Do you have any scheduled task set to run when the system is idle?

    Surely something has to be kicking off the GPU usage when the system is idle and that log file doesnt seem to show what it is. What does the windows Event Viewer show?

    One other thing... Start the machine in Safe Mode and see if it does it then.
  12. I believe I found the issue - the fan. I swapped the fan on the GPU and it is running okay so far. Time will tell.

    Thank you for all the help!
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