FireGL 2 Hang-Up with IWill KK266-R mobo and Win2K

I have the following config:

InWin Full Tower 300W Power Supply
IWill KK266-R
AMD 1.2GHz Tbird Socket A
1.5GB PC133 RAM
FireGL 2 AGP 4X
3Com 3C509B-TX, PCI
On-board Audio
1 Maxtor 6GB on IDE0
4 Maxtor 19GB on AMI-HyperRAID100
2 case fans blowing out on top of case
1 case fan blowing in on bottom of case
1 PCI fan blowing out (in the slot right next to the FireGL card)
1 AMD certified CPU fan

I have the April 26 BIOS revision for the Iwill mobo (latst revision) and I have updated the FireGL2 BIOS to its most recent version as well.

Ok, I had to use the HD on IDE0 because fdisk was not even seeing my RAID HDs but that is a whole other story. =) I installed Win2k Pro with the FireGL2 card and everything was fine on first bootup. The Device Manager said there were no drivers installed for the RAID, on-board audio or FireGL2 card. So, I installed all the latest drivers and there were no more conflicts. I also installed the AMD AGP patch for Win2K from AMD's web site.

When I rebooted the system for the first time after the drivers were installed, the computer hangs when Win2k comes to the end of it's load-up procedure (when the win2k start-up dialog's task bar goes all the way to the right). So, before I can even get into Win2K it hangs.

I have tried turning down the AGP to 2X.
I have tried increasing/decreasing the AGP aperture from the default of 64MB.
I have tried unplugging some case fans, because I thought that there may be too much power being sucked from the case power supply.
i have tried disabling the on-board audio.
I have tried putting an old Matrox Millenium II on the PCI bus, just so that maybe the IRQs or something would get rearranged in case of a possible conflict.

So, I installed my old Matrox Millenium II and everything works fine now. But the card is almost 10 years old! =)

I took the FireGL 2 card and put in 2 different machines (and old Gigabyte mobo for celerons and a brand new FICA mobo for an AMD 800 Tbird) and the card worked perfectly.

In Safe Mode the card works fine on the KK266-R, because it is using the standard VGA drivers for the card, but then Win2K won't detect my mouse which is on a COM port. HAHA!

I have a new ATI Radeon 64MB card that I was going to install in the KK266-R to try and narrow down the problem.

Any ideas!? I need to get this card up and running and would prefer not to buy a new mobo. Thanks in advance!!


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  1. I think it the motherboard doesnt't get enough power to it. Well i think you need a motherboard with a AGP pro slot. Well i could be wrong or not?

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