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Hello, I had an old pc with winXP. I also have a 6 month old Panasonic SDR-S26 camcorder. The cc worked fine on the PC, but now the PC is Kaput. I also bought a Compaq CQ61-230A laptop about 6 months ago with win7, but it will not recognise the cc when I plug it in. Win7 is supposed to automatically recognise hardware, so does anyone have a solution for this please?
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  1. As far as I can see from the manual all you need to do is shut down the pc, connect the cable from camcorder to pc and restart.
    if that fails, seeing as it uses an sd card for storage, you should be able to get a card reader to get the files off.
    Make sure the reader is SDHC compatible.
  2. Thanks for your reply Jonmor68. I can use the SD card to access files, as the SD card plugs straight into a built-in car reader on my laptop. The problem is, I often forget to remove the SD card from the laptop, and when I come to use my cc, I have no memory in the camera, which is most annoying! So I would prefer to leave the SD card in the camera and use the lead from cc to laptop, which is the part that does not work. Thanks again for your input.
  3. I have found the solution to my dilemma. I took my camera and laptop to PC World and asked for their help. After explaining my problem, they plugged the camera into the laptop via the supplied usb lead, and soon I could view my videos on the laptop. It turns out that I could not do this because of a combination of poor instructions for the camera and my misunderstanding of them. My main problem was, after I plugged the camcorder into the laptop, I was looking for the next step, options or directions on the laptop, but the information was on the camcorder. It was as simple as that!!
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