Toshiba Satellite 2545CDS

This old laptop has been a fine machine but my 14 years old nice decided to delete some system files,
(by mistake so she said) and to fix the problems,
she installed a copy of win Me (over w98se) that a friend gave her,
and uninstalled win me install info in add rem,
and now I get lot's of flags, bsods and some programs won't uninstall or open, on top of this problem the driver rescue CD is missing, lost and nowhere to be found. In order for me to fix this problem the only option I've is to fdisk and reinstall w98se,
which I still have the original copy of. Toshiba doesn't have any original utility CD's to give or sell for the past 3 years,
I've visited Toshiba downloads for my laptop model but they have the driver for the hardware: bios, display, modem, sound and onboard mouse to download,
and this enough for doing a clean install, but what I'm really looking for is the original Utility CD's that came with the machine, I've searched all over the web for it but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe some of you wiz can help me on this one, there will be a billion of thanks from me for your help

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  1. hello friend i have here a toshiba satellite 2545cds notebook. i am not sure what you need but if there is a way to get them from the machine let me know
  2. Don't post your e-mail in public please,send PM to each other and post your e-mail there
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