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hi. is it ok to remove the win 7 product key sticker and another upc barcode sticker from the bottom of my laptop?

or do i need to keep those on just in case i send the laptop in for repair later on to the place i bought it from?

thanks! :)
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  1. Well you might struggle to reinstall if you get rid of that product key.

    Why would you want to remove them?
  2. You should keep a copy of the product key somewhere else anyway, because it gets unreadable by the time :)
  3. yea the corners of the stickers are coming off and im afraid that its going to fall off somewhere and im going to lose it. Should i just take it off and keep it somewhere for safe keeping?
  4. You may be able to tape them onto the inside of the battery cover so you don't lose them.
  5. will the warranty be void if i keep the sticker separately? i have a sager laptop and this is what it said on the website

    "warranty does not apply if: (1) the Product has been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, or misapplication; (2) the Product has been modified without the written permission of Sager; or (3) if any Sager serial number has been removed or defaced"

    is the product key also a "serial number"? or does that just apply to the UPC barcode?
  6. i doubt ur warranty will be void, unless u remove the sticker that covers a screw that says removing will void warranty. I took clear tape and taped my stickers on.

    I would say to preserve the information on the two, but i don't think the information NEEDS to stay on the laptop at all times.

    If you do remove the stickers, don't tear them so that if you do need to have them on the laptop, you can just tape them on like mine are and nobody will know ;)
  7. yea that seems like a good idea. i just put clear tape over it and its all fine :)
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