HP pavilion G6 amd e2-3000m - problem with dual channel

I've bought two corsair 4gb ddr3 1333Mhz sticks but they don't work in dual channel although this laptop should have dual channel support up to 1333 MHz. And in BIOS there are no options. Does anyone have the same problem?
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  1. Memtest shows 64bit, as far as I know that means single channel. Weird thing is, that my graphic card bus bandwidth changed after upgrade from 64bit to 128bit (Radeon HD 6380G).
  2. Run CPUZ and GPUZ to make sure you are reading right.
  3. 4 GB (1x4 GB):

    8 GB (2x4 GB):

  4. I tried also 6 GB ram (4 + 2) and it's the same as 2x4 GB: graphic bandwidth 128 bit but no dual channel obviously.
  5. That double bandwidth in graphics sure looks like dual channel to me cause it's using shared memory.....
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