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I need to download a windows disc for my laptop L300 as I have tried everything I can to get my laptop working. Ove tried the recovery discs but they won't work. Which is the best one that's free, to download and what shall I type in the search bar, thank tiy x
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  1. Any Windows installation disc that's free is illegal and we'll have nothing to do with illegal software here. If you want a Windows disc, stay legal and buy one.

    Now, about those recovery discs that won't work. Have you pressed and held down the <F12> key as soon as you turn on your laptop? Keep <F12> pressed until the boot menu appears, then select the CD drive as the boot device and press <Enter>.

    If you don't do that, your laptop will not boot from recovery disc #1
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I did exactly what you said and the message that came up was


    and the the message saying


    then I have to click either VIEW DIAGNOSTIC AND REPAIR DETAILS



    when I click the first one, there is a whole lot of logs and I don't know which to select

    The second option takes me choose a recovery tool

    Tried the F12 at the start but sill my discs won't run

    Getting mega cheesed off now
  3. Go to Toshiba's forum and search around for a similar situation that others are having.

    Your only other recourse is to buy an OEM version of Windows 7. The OEM version is less expensive than the retail version; I believe it's selling for around $100 at Amazon. The difference is as follows:

    OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer - The operating system is tied to that specific laptop / desktop. If you wish to install it on a different laptop / desktop, then you need to call Microsoft to unlock the key so that you can re-install. You get no windows 7 customer support from MS.

    Retail - This is the full version for around $169 at Amazon. You do not have to call Microsoft if you want to re-install it on a different laptop or computer. You can do it anytime you want. This does not mean you can install Win 7 on multiple computers using the same product key. One on PC per license. You get software support from MS.
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