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I have the Windows XP Professional and in my directory "Temporary Files Internet" inside the "Document and Settings", i do a right-click, and then "properties", it appeares with almost 500Mb and I don't see anyone file. How can I delete these archives that I can't see?
Note: my setting in Windows let to show all the hidden files.

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  1. Inside the Temporary Internet Files folder is another folder called Content.IE5. This folder contains two things; an index.dat file, and several other sub-directories with temporary files that are not ordinarily deleted when the browser cache is flushed.

    The reason you can't see anything like a Content.IE5 folder is because it is a <i>super hidden file</i>, and no "View" setting in Windows allows a user to access this folder.

    To remove the contents, you'll either need a third-party program like <A HREF="http://www.purgeie.com/" target="_new">PurgeIE</A> (just as an example), or a different file manager, which allows <i>all</i> hidden files to be seen and accessed. I normally remove the files with <A HREF="http://www.ghisler.com/" target="_new">Total Commander</A>.

    To remove the index.dat file, you'll need to access the system as an administrator with a separate account, and delete the file from the command prompt.

    You'll see what I mean by reading the directions on this page:

    <A HREF="http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_p.htm" target="_new">Page Cannot Be Displayed</A>

    You should also make certain that iexplore.exe and explorer.exe are exited in the Task Manager before deleting the file, and that all Temporary Internet Files and History files are deleted normally, first ... and after the file is removed, reboot the system so the file can be recreated, as illustrated on this page:

    <A HREF="http://www.activewin.com/editorials/alex_harris/4.shtml" target="_new">Fix IE 6 Slowdowns and Hangs</A>

    I prefer using Total Commander, myself, as it isn't absolutely necessary to remove the index.dat file unless it is corrupted. I just delete the files inside the sub-directories that are hidden inside the Content.IE5 folder.

    You should notice that web pages load much faster when all the Temporary Internet Files are <i>really</i> removed, once and for all.


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