Vaio VGN-AW11Z CPU, HDD High ussage

Hello to everyone. Long time no see :P Happy new year as well.
Cutting straight to the chase... Here is the deal:

1. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-AW11Z
2. Windows Vista (the ones sony has in the laptop)

Here is the problem:

1. everytime i start the computer and i open a game (for example Leaugue of Legends) that use to run more tha smoothly FPS goes down to unplayable and get a blue screen "dumping physical memory" and PC gets restarted.
These in lowest graphics settings *so i know for sure its not the VGA. It use to run smooth before so thats a second reason in top of that)
2. I Notices that my CPU Spikes up from 0-37-89-67-99-99-45-67-17-78-55-99% (each " -No- " represents a second). The ussage is very high while i do nothing.
3. On the same time i noticed that my HDD (on the resource monitor) is having MB/s like i m transfering files or something. Not always but if I do nothing then neither "he" should.
4. My RAM's Hard faults / sec are a bit high 5-90 like i am doing something while i m not.
5. On a side note i ran 2 hard disc checkin programms and they found my C: having problems "Uncorrectable sector counts" for example.

- All the above do not occure 100% of the time but very very often though-


1. Clear updated windows (original pre installed in pc)
2. Latest Drivers (approved)
3. Virus / trojan free PC
4. Formated 3 times
5. in resource manager i see the things my HDD is running and some times they are THOUSANDS... doesnt matter which. It varries. but hundreads of the same.

My Question is:

Is it the RAM which is bad and forces the use of HDD space as RAM and HDD gets slowed down consuming CPU on the same time....
Is it my "damaged" according to the tests HDD which causes all this?
Is it something else?

Thank you very very much for your time... and your replies.
Please if you do not have a good idea do not post something silly like "Hey m8 was the pc virus free" or things like that.
Thank you again.
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  1. Sounds like temperature problems.
  2. there were temp issuess but i cleaned it up and its actually cold now. Maybe the heat before (for long time) dmged the HDD in the way the programms revealed in the test and i just have to replace hdd... thank you though. crossed my mind indeed due to the time it was very VERY hot. unbearable on ur hand hot. by far
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