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Hello, we backed up data from a Macbook Pro onto my Seagate external hard disk which was already used for backing up my Dell PC, in order to transfer the data from the Mac to a new Dell PC. Now we cannot see the drive at all on either of the Dells, and we cannot see my original back-ups any more on the Mac. How can we restore the Dell data and get the Dells to see the external drive?
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  1. It had been in use with the dell for more than 1year before connecting it to Mac, and not shore it the Mac carried out a formate without asking. If it did not prompt me to formated before does this mean I will not be able to see the drive?
  2. Mac uses HFS+ as it's native hard drive format, and windows cannot read it. Windows uses NTFS and mac can read it but not write on it. FAT32 is the only one so far, that both mac and windows can hare by reading and writing.
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