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Inspiron E1505 pcie x16 question

January 12, 2013 10:10:56 PM

Hey guys so I have a Dell Inspirion E1505

It's running an intel core duo T2350 1.86 ghz cpu
and has 3 gigs of ddr2 ram
IT also has a Radeon mobility x1400 gpu that is removable which is confusing because every other thread that i've seen about this computer doesn't show anything about a removable gpu everyone says there is no slot. But i've taken it apart many times and i've seen the gpu and it is not an onboard gpu it's completely removable and I do believe it connects to a funky looking pcie x16 slot. It does not look like your conventional pciex16 slot but everything that i have been able to find about it says that it is in fact a pcie x16 slot.

I'm looking to upgrade my gpu to something better. I've looked at all the mobility gpu's by radeon and seen them go as high as x1900 which is what I would be willing to buy. But as far as i can see through images and what not all the higher gpus by radeon for mobility show the conventional pcie x16 that you would see on a desktop. I've in fact never seen a pcie x16 gpu that has the same interface type like the x1400 does.

Is there any gpu that I can buy that has a similar pcie x16 slot that the x1400 does that will be compatable with my e1505? Also I have no idea what kind of mother board I am running and have not been able to find any info about if from Dell, forums or by simply cracking the case.

Thanks in advance for all the help guys!