Should my monitor work when connected to my computer\'s HDMI PORT

Should my monitor work properly when connected to my laptop using the HDMI interface?
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    it depend upon which os are u using

    if u r using windows 7 by defult your moniter screen will also work
  2. on laptops to save power they turn the ports off when not needed. there should be a fn key that has imahe of a screen on it most times you hit that and the back video ports on a laptop will come on.
  3. Windows key + p will cycle through the video output choices
  4. If your audio/video drivers support the audio passthrough, it will work smoothly. Typically, Windows 7 should automatically mirror the display when you plug in the video cable from your laptop to an external display.

    You can also configure that to be a 2nd display within the graphics settings.
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  6. I apologize for not getting back sooner. All the answers were relevant, but the problem was really related to my lack of familiarity with the new ASUS monitor PA248. The display should have come up automatically, but for some reason it takes more than a few seconds to recognize the HDMI port and I started trying to select the HDMI using the monitor menu. To make a long story short it appears to be a combination of the delayed port recognition and my lack of knowledge about how the monitor works. The interface is now working properly. The documentation for these new products could be improved significantly.
    Thank to all who responded.
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