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Maybe I am asking for the moon here but here goes:

I am running an ASUS P5N-E with a run of the mill IDE drive with XP Pro installed.

I'd love to just leave the IDE drive alone and add a sata drive and install Win 7 64 on it and have a dual-boot choice at startup from either drive.

Is this possible? It seems to me the Win 7 would try to install on the orig. IDE drive but if I disconnect it and install on sata drive the bios won't know there are 2 o/s's on board so how do I accomplish this catch 22 prestidigitation?

Much appreciated!
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  1. i think it is possible as long as the ide is set to slave.not sure though!
  2. If you want the XP drive totally independent, so that you could remove it at a later time without effecting W7, then disconnect it when installing W7 after the instalation is complete, you can reconnect it.
    You can go into bios and select whichever drive you want to boot as the first boot device, save settings and exit then restart. This can be a pain if you are changing regularly from one to the other.

    If you want to be able to choose at startup from a menu, then boot the W7 disk choose custom install and choose your sata drive as the destination drive, when finished Windows will make a boot menu to choose Windows 7 or Old version of Windows at bootup.
    If you are using an upgrade version you will need to do it this way anyway (with XP drive visable).
    Do not change the jumpers on the the old IDE drive, there is no master slave on sata drives.
    I suggest the second option would be best for you
  3. thanks jonmor!
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