FOR SALE: COMPLETE 1/2 Done TRON Project w/Many Extra Parts

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I had 5 projects going, then bought a few more last weekend. I'm
selling a couple of them. 1st to go is this Tron. I am also including

a big box of extra parts including a couple sets of extra plastics,
many brackets, extra lamps, and 3 extra chassis that I was told work.
I have already finished and painted the oustide of the cabinet. I just

put everything back together for the sake of selling it. Although this

game is complete, game is not wired and will not power up. I know that

the monitor needs a cap kit. I am also including 3 extra (I was told
working) chassis for this monitor. The bezel has no cracking and is
extremely nice with nice artwork. The inside is clean and complete.
The boardset works. I bought many parts to replace my old ones from
reputable dealers including nicer plastics, and a new repro joystick
with a NOS center graphic, and new t-molding that I have yet to
install. I started this project around Christmas, but have had other
things come up. I'm asking $250 firm. Game is in Milwaukee. Here's a
couple pics.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

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