Looking for a recommendation on a notebook

Hi ppl,

I am looking for some recommendations on a notebook purchase. Looking to spend $2000 and here is what I am looking for;

- Pentium M 1.7 (dotham ready)
- 1 gb ram
- 60 gb, 8mb cache, 7200 rpm HD
- Widescreen display with at least 1680 etc. rez
- ATI 9600 Pro or better

This will be mostly used for Photoshop, Solidworks (CAD), Flash, Dreamweaver and maybe some games.

If you have a brand and a model number you can suggest, please do (except dell, cause I hate dell:) )


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  1. Dude, those spec's have got Dell written all over them - You're saying that you want all that, but not a Dell, even though they offer a quality notebook with all those specs, just because you don't like Dell? Sounds a bit to me like you're cutting off your nose to spite your face...

    But anyway, Compaq have some nice deals that fit some of your requirements, and some other nice deals that fit the other requirements, but so far as I can tell nothing that fits all... Anyone else?


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  2. Yes, unfortunately I know. But the craftsmanship on those dell laptops are so bad that a friend of mine cut his finger on the plastic casing of the laptop, now that is the weirdest thing I have seen happening to someone with a laptop.

    I have checked compaq, but the graphic chips are lacking, I am thinking about going for thr R3000T if I can find a decent centrino + nice graphic chip + widescreen.
  3. You do know that the people that manufacture Compaq/HP notebooks manufacture Dell notebooks, right?


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  4. And alot come from Pro Star They make some of dells and HP notebooks
  5. How about the Asus M6N 'whitebook'? It has all those options available and weighs around 6lbs. Where I got mine those specs (though I'm not sure about the HD cache) plus a B+G Centrino internal WLAN and standard DVD/CDRW would run ya $2014. That's with no OS though, but it comes with carry case and model-specific driver CD- I bought mine w/o OS, installed w2kpro myself, and luv it to death.

    Also, the gfx GPU is a 'plain' radeon 9600, which Asus underclocks by default, presumably to extend battery life. It's extremely easy to juice up with ATItool though, and some other owners have gotten 11k+ scores with it overclocked in 3dmark01.

    Have a look: http://www.rjtech.com/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=A-M6N&Category_Code=ASUSN
  6. HP nw 8000 if your serious about the cad, it doesn't have the widescreen but that doesn't deter from the fact that the screen is pretty f***g great. In a post in this topic i posted some benchmarks...

  7. Hi,
    I liked you notebook.Today I went shoping for Asus 6N but i concern about heat problem with 7200rpm drive from Hitachi.I think (not shure)that faster the HD more heat problem. The ATI 9600 it's very nice bute will-it increase the overall heating. Are You happy with you notbook.Please answer.My question is:Do u have heat problem whit your laptop.I have to pay 3300can$ 1.7ghz,60gb7200, cd-rw+dvd and 1gb(2x512) DDR Ram 3200 corssair.Is it a good price


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