Bizzaro Celeb stories ... give it your best shot !!!

WTF ???

Does a celeb story get any more bizzare than this one (note previous story re: dwarf porn double dies in badger den).

Post your best story to "dwarf" this one ...

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  1. I don't have a celebrity story to share. But that was hilarious. I would like to add however that the cop acted quite normal with the training they receive. Getting out of the car without being ordered to is taken as a sign of aggression and you are perceived as a possible threat.
  2. I had no idea who Ramsay was until I was told by my wife to forward this story about a nearby restaurant to my daughter. I did just in time and my daughter showed up and met Ramsay. She watches his show! She couldn't get a ticket for the taping of the show thyat night, but managed to meet Ramsay in the parking lot. I was excited just listening to her talk about meeting him. The restaurant is terrible. I'm allergic to their Italian bread and wrote them off my places to dine list years ago.

    Kirstie Alley has lost an Olsen twin. Someone call 911.

    Celebrity Update

    This just in.

    My comment: Who is Channing Tatem? He played for the Raiders?
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