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Laptop crashes when playing games

January 13, 2013 8:36:28 PM


I am writing to you about a rather common problem seen here, but I did not find anything for my laptop model, or anything that could really help... so here I am.
I have a MSI GT780DXR laptop, with GTX 570 video card, 8gigs of RAM and Intel core i7 processor.
This problem started a couple of months back - the GPU temperature was high, performance dropped and eventually, it started freezing with this "crashing" noise and has to be shut down by holding the power button.
All my drivers have been upgraded, later I tried rolling back, to no avail. I've wiped out my hard drive, did a clean install and made sure no conflicting software is present. Eventually I opened it up, only to find that the fan and vents had some dust on them. After cleaning it all out, the temperature normalized and the problem was gone. Now, a few days back, it all started again - whenever I play a game, or laptop goes up over 60*C (GPU), it freezes. The fan works well, I can hear it speed up and air is flowing freely. I'm out of options.
Thank you for your time.