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Satellite A205-S5804 > I need to put this back to factory settings. Operating system is Vista. I am assuming it has a restore partition in the hard drive as most Toshiba's do. Am trying to help my cousin accomplish this. It asks for a password and she does not have one. She got it used and removed the persons name that was on it and so now it only has her name and the guest users. Am advising her by phone - she has tried the 'o' and F2, F1, and F12 and she says she gets the grey screen with white lettering that has settings but it asks for a password and she does not have one. Can we reset this to factory settings without a disk - and if so - how?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I'm afraid you won't get an answer to that here, no way for us to know true ownership. The best I can advise is to attempt to contact the original owner for the password.
    Good Luck
  2. Well she is now the administrator because the other owner did not use a password and so she is able to log in as the administrator and has already removed the other users and has administrator privileges. She also did a clean up and defragmented but wants to make it back to out of box state instead of trying to figure out how and what to remove of others from the past - so that her used computer is 'like new' for her to start over with. She is not real good at this stuff and I am not the greatest - however I am in college taking software development and learning struggling and slowly learning (lol), so I have a little advantage over her but have a long ways to go. She just wants everything gone from the users past and make it only her stuff so as to speed things up and have all the file room and things for herself. Any suggestions?
  3. This isn't going to help but here's our official sticky for that request
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