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How to dell latitude e6400 bios password reset free

January 14, 2013 1:39:51 AM

Dear Knowledgeable Friend,

Re:Evil Power tripping Ex Changed log on password then added harddrive password!!!!!

I am in desperate need of some assistance that is not the easiest to obtain......I own a Dell Latitude E6400 (bought it second hand in Sept 2010)...Was not given the Windows 7 disk with it. I unfortunately rely on phones/ technology possibly more than the average bear, in that I have a broken back and am basically bedridden with dependent teenagers....The person I was living with started mucking about with Ebay/laptops for fun but used mine, unbeknownst to me and has left me with a perfectly good laptop that I CANT EVEN LOG ONTO!!! I NEED TO GET INTO SETUP (f2) OR (F12) FOR BOOT UP ORDER..


Kind Regards

Katherine Nestor