What laptop do you would suit me?

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking on buying a new laptop to replace my aging MacbBook Pro. Despite I like Apple laptops and OS X, I wanna buy a "PC laptop" since I'm planning on running Linux as my main OS.

This laptop is gonna be my primary computer so I want it to be somewhat powerful. I was thinking on a configuration of around 640 or 740 GB hard drive (7200 rpm), 6 or 8 GB of RAM and, since i dont it to be very bulky and heavy, a screen size of 14 or 15 inches at most.

I'd like to spend around 800 or 850 euros max. So far the laptop I've seen that fits my needs is the Sony Vaio E Series.

Can you help me with my search?
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  1. BUMP! Someone help please.
    Besides, I need a laptop which can run several virtual machines simultaneously.
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    Other good brands out there are Dell and Lenovo.

    If you want a powerful laptop to run multiple VMs you will have to increase your budget otherwise you'll end up with a under-performing POS
  3. Thanks for the input zander.

    What Lenovo model do you think i should take a look at?
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