Video Playback Glitching on DH-Geforce2MX

My machine
Video Card: LeadTek GeForce2MX-DH-Pro 32Meg
Video Bios: Unknown (cards default bios when purchased in April 2001)
Video Driver: 12.10 & 6.50 (both had same result) with Directx8a
System Main Board: ASUS-P3B-F (440BX)
System Bios: Revision 0006 (latest available)
RAM: 96Meg SD-Ram (One 64Meg Dimm, One 32Meg Dimm)
CPU: PIII-450 @ 100MHz
Monitor: VeiwSonic M70 & Panasonic RGB Monitor input 100Mhz TV (limited to VGA 640x480)
OS: Win98SE / Windows ME

For features and information on the mainboard please refer to

Video playback has horizontal motion lines through it on panning & fast action scenes, the top 1/3rd of the screen "lags" with the bottom 2/3rds for a split second producing a horrible and very noticeable glitch. I have been through the motherboard bios and enabled/disabled as suggested at My reason for upgrading from my older LeadTek TNT2-M64 card was that motion lines were appearing on video (mpeg, divx, avi) playback, I put this down to the video card not being up to scratch for DVD/ mpeg playback. However after installing my GF2MX-DH-Pro I found I was still getting the horizontal motion lines on both the TV (on 2nd VGA out) and the Monitor (Primary VGA out).

I doubt it is the speed of my system which is causing the glitch as a friend of mine has a TNT2/Celly 400 and can play DVD, mpeg or divx with out any glitch/choppyness/motion lines.
PowerDVD 2.55 will not play any DVD if hardware motion compensation is enabled, it comes up with the hardware compensation is not available in the current display mode. I Have tried changing the display mode (resolution /colour depth) to every setting available but I still get this error message in PowerDVD, I put this down to the GF2-MX hardware being to new for the older PowerDVD software. WinDVD which was supplied with the board runs with Hardware Motion Compensation enabled but the motion lines still occur even when the quality setting is set to "High", in "Low" quality setting the DVD becomes un-watchable with horizontal & vertical motion lines.

On the whole I am pleased with my GF2-MX but I am very disappointed with the video playback as this was the main reason for upgrading. I have been to and download the latest chipset drivers for the 440BX as well as to get the latest mainboard bios upgrade.

I appreicate any help or suggestions you may have to help bring an end to my problem.

Kind Regards
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  1. ok... problem solved... it was very easy to fix in the end, shame i didnt think of it sooner... always the way eh!!

    It would appear you can not run TwinView-in clone mode with out getting the "lag", set the display adapter to Normal (no twinview) and the lag disapears... My theory is that insteaded of the card sending the exact image as the 1st vga port to the 2nd vga port it actually decodes the 2nd port as well as the 1st therefore cutting the speed of the card in 1/2 while it is set to twinview.

    This is understandable when the card is set to extend the windows desktop but when cloned it seems a little silly doing the same function twice.
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