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Hello, my packard bell will not switch on it gets to the menu where i can press f8 for safe mode etc after this it restarts and does them same steps this makes a clicking noise while doing it
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  1. why did this problem start happening ? did you recently switched off the computer directly from the mains rather than shutting down first ? did you try the windows startup reapair tool
  2. clicking = broken hard drive most times, hence windows will not start
    you do have access to a pc though as your here so my advice is as follows
    1. download ubuntu live cd from here cant see the link but guides there so it wont be far

    2 burn it to dvd or usb stick
    3 put in broken pc go to bios set boot to dvd or usb (whatever you burned to)
    4 all being well the cd is now your harddrive and you will have access if the drivwe works at all top back up inportant files and such also you have a working pc for browsing etc. untill you can replace the drive
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