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I use windows live mail as my email client. Recently when I try to send a link my account opens with the link ready to be sent. The problem is the link is not highlighted and will not permit you to use it without copy and pasting it manuaaly. I cant find the control panel to check why it is doing this.Help
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    I just tried it and it works fine, when you select a link to send to Live Mail it shows up without the highlight, however if you press the space bar at the end of the line of text, indicating that is the last character you will see it change color and underlined as normal.
  2. Hey it works, but this is a problem with thier program. We should not have to do this and never was like this before. I read alot of other forums were people are having the same problem but your solution works for now. I spent 8 hours trying to remedy this. I guess I'll have to talk to Microsoft direct to find out why it is like yhis. Is it isolated or a plague of a problem. Fort now this works, by the way how did you figure this out. Was it luck or you had the same problem Apparently you did. Thanks
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  4. No I didn't have a problem I only checked it out in response to your query.
    It's just 20years+ experience with pc's and software, knowing that Word doesn't activate the spell check untill the space bar is pressed to indicate the word is complete, I used the same logic on Live Mail link's behaviour.
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