Can't find the correct cable

So i have just received a new notebook and i need to connect it to a data logger machine which i will be placing out in rivers, collecting data about the river through a cable from the data logger.

The cable is the same shape, and similar to a blue VGA screen cable, however, this cable has 9 pins instead of 15. The connector is female.

This picture shows both ends of the cable. The male is plugged into a female port on the data logger leaving the female (rusty) available for use.

The VGA port on my laptop is 15 pin and is also female.

My questions are:

a) can i receive data through this port?
b) is it possible to buy a 9 pin male to 15 pin male connector if this is the port i need to use?

thanks in advance
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  1. Look like a 9 pin serial connection (for data not Video) although I have seen old 9 pin vga connections in the past. Look here, your new laptop probably does not have a serial connection but you may be able to use a usb to serial connection. Does that data logger require any software? That may be another issue for you.
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