What laptop has the best bang for my buck?






They range from 699-750$. Just wondering what's the best for the money. If you have any recommendations let me know. I just need something that could run DotA 2 in high settings. This is also a college laptop BUT I won't be really bringing it outside because I'm going back to a third-world country, don't want to get snatched or kidnapped. :( I also vowed to myself that I won't be getting 17" no more 'cause they're too damn heavy, and I'm a little girl.

Please let me know! :p
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  1. Most of those are pretty similar. Just slight differences in the gpu's for the most part. I personally would probably get the msi out of that batch, but that's just my liking msi as a brand. I think the acer is probably the best bang for your buck, but I don't like acer as a general rule. The samsungs all look comparable.

    I would use notebookcheck (http://www.notebookcheck.net/) to figure out the best gpu combined with any other nice features you're looking for out of those.

    Not the most helpful, but hope it helps.
  2. what do you mean with third world country?
    and for your reference, this may could help :)
  3. oh yes, and I don't know how good this web, but maybe it could help :D
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