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What is the best setting for AGP Aperture size? My PC's BIOS is set at 64MB by default, with options to change it to 128 or 256. I have increased ny RAM to 256MB. Should I change the AGP aperture or not. Also, I have upgraded from a VooDoo 3 2000 16MB AGP card to an ATI Radeon 32MB DDR AGP.
Should I just leave it at 64MB? I have looked in my mobo manual, but it doesn't say why it would need to be changed, just that you can! Thanks.

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  1. The AGP aperture setting specifies to the AGP chipset how much of a PC's system memory, including virtual memory, is addressable by an AGP video card. While an AGP chipset can address up to 4GB of memory, the limit is usually placed at 256MB. You can extend the aperture beyond actual system RAM, and the AGP chipset will use the available memory. The aperture size settings will be different, depending on the BIOS manufacturer. Some will allow greater range of settings, while others (like yours) offer a limited selection.

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  2. The best setting is half of your system memory.

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